Join a great team
and prepare a great experience.

Become the driving force of the Hero Race and create an amazing experience for people and yourself. You can get involved during registration, at the start, at obstacles or at the finish line. Regardless of which role you choose, you will become an important part of the entire race.

Basic information

Yes, every helping hand will come together. Join a team of enthusiastic people who like to create experiences for others. You will get a look behind the scenes and gain experience in organizing events.

A person over 18 years of age who is responsible will follow the instructions of the organizer and enjoy the atmosphere of the race.

Help with the registration of competitors, supervision of overcoming obstacles, awarding of prizes, guidance of competitors and regular visitors, construction of the track.

Each volunteer will receive a HERO RACE T-shirt, refreshments and a good feeling. In addition, he can run any race for free.

If you are serious, fill out the form on this page. Write us a few sentences about yourself, e.g. why do you want to volunteer at the HERO RACE, do you have experience from other events, etc.

Volunteer registration